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About the School

 Mission Statement  

By promoting professionalism, involvement, and dedication, our East Ridge community will continue "Raising the Ridge."


Raising the Ridge


  About The School  

Roll Tribe!


East Ridge High School is one of five high schools in the Pike County, Kentucky school district. Located at the easternmost tip, E.R.H.S. is a consolidated rural, public school with an enrollment of 487 students which serves grades nine through twelve.   Instruction is departmentalized: mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, practical living/vocational studies, health and physical education, foreign language and arts and humanities. The faculty and staff are dedicated to promote a positive attitude conducive to success. At East Ridge, we focus on the transition of our students from active successful learners to active successful members of society. Our faculty and staff view East Ridge as a beacon of hope and strive to Raise the Ridge. We are confident that the high standards set at our school will set the trend for all.